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FOTOMETER PRO is a light meter for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad 2. It is one of the best companions for your Hasselblad, Rolleiflex TLR, Nikon/ Canon SLR… or any old film cameras, Lomo toy cameras and … Continue reading

urbantotz CI development

urbantotz is a new kids fashion company in HK setup in 2010. they are selling imported quality kids clothing which are simple, cool, with great textile. the goal of CI development is simple – make the brand recognizable and reflect … Continue reading

wedding logo dev.

traditionally, the chinese word double happiness {囍} will be appearing a lot during couples’ wedding – like on the wall as paper cutting deco. or as backdrop design for photo-taking…     so we want to incorporate this important word … Continue reading

yet another season’s greeting

ho, ho, ho… a quick adaptation of the openKinect project – the air calligraphy – people, merry X’mas !

KDS version of Gakken TLR

since few years ago, i was interested in film photography, DIY lo-fi photography stuff previously I’ve made my own camera out of acrylic boards (with holga shutter and wai wai’s lens) due to some reasons i have a few days … Continue reading

face detection by C++

from flash’s programming background, we think face detection done by C++ is an intensive one, its response is quick and it can detect multiple faces at an instance. it is our first follow-up post to our earlier post on openKinect … Continue reading

openKinect at kit da studio

we’ve joint the openKinect project initialized by theo, memo (openframeworks forum) at 2010 nov. this device (xBox kinect sensor) is superb, it got an IR beam generator enabling the depth-camera to read the IR reflection (so it works perfectly indoor … Continue reading

Chilly Rody Asia Tour

we are happy to be invited to join the Rody Asia Show <Enjoy the Rody> 2010. we decided to create a Rody which lives in a Chilling country, but our poor Chilly Rody can never adapt to the super low … Continue reading