Kinect Skipping Rope Game for K2

This project is done for the language learning center of the Polytechnic University of HK. It is a learning tool for the non-chinese K2 kids in class. The kids would need to skip the rope according to the movement of the animation also with the hint from their instructor; and hence to learn Cantonese throughout the activity.

more making of video

Idea / Client : Language learning center / Polytechnic University of HK
Digital Production : Kit da studio (programmer: Tse Kin Tung / character design and animator: Ankie Ma / UI design : ar Ho)
Test player : Tim Lui from Two Meter Desk
Music : 「Audionautix」創作的「All Good In The Wood」是根據「Creative Commons Attribution」( 授權使用 / 演出者:

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