Mindflow Logotype

To me, Logotype is the concentrated presentation of a company’s philosophy and stories of the people involved, hence I would always work along with the client very closely on any logotype design projects.
It was a great journey for me and Mindflow clients to find their logo, we spent three months working together and targeted to make a logotype to present the idea of “water out of the rock” which is also how the chinese word 源 originated from the stone age chinese word. Here’s some draft for the first round of screening.

After the client gathered comments from friends and relatives, the mock ups are too traditional chinese and not modern. Then we tried to use some more graphical presentation to deliver the concept, like the following.

When we dived deeper into the concept and develop more diversely graphically, we found there’s also another layer relation of the logotype to their story – the Mindflow center is located in Shatin, where there are hills and river. Finally we come up with a clean and simple yet meaningful logotype to represent the center, all of us are happy with the result, a lot.

After developing the logotype, we adapted it to the letterhead and composed a namecard with it too. A Lovely portrait of the clients namecard on my roof top.

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