It’s an unfair world. 39 million people unnecessarily live in blindness and darkness.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
The campaign is here for you to contribute and return their dignity to them!

let’s break through the dark wall and the world is ONE !


how it works – pick up the hammerm break through the darness, and a real piece of wall fragment will be sent to you.

the dark wall
double click to zoom closer
story according to the artwork (done by HK artist – PRODIP) will be shown
further zoom-in to choose a region of the wall
hold the hammer tight and hit onto the dark wall
the wall fragment will be falling off – and the light is being able to pass thro’ !
turn the fragment over …

here comes how orbis and you helped the people in story

fill in the message form and share the great news on social network
after that, you message will be left on the darkwall
as part of the history
this is a meaningful campaign for orbis and the agency is leo burnette hk with artworks from prodip.
it has been rushies and bumpies – but with great help from kenny ip – it’s all good
please do come, break, and support orbis !


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