real and virtual greeting card

According to environmental conservation organizations, greeting card sucks.
It damages our planet. It is no good.

But for folks over 30 (like us), we do feel that greeting card isn’t just a piece of paper.
It delivers your friend’s message, with the warmth and care, from afar,
it is something just can’t be replaced by an ecard.

So here we started this Tuzki Greeting card project in this digital age…
It is a greeting card that coexists in reality and virtuality,
you can encapsulate the funny Tuzki, greeting items, your message, and your love and care, into a gift –
and send it over to your friend for them to hold that in their hand…

come try it out :)

Tuzki 3D Greeting card home – with different themes

gallery showing different cards prepared by our users

3D card builder – you can drag items around, scale them etc …

receiver show this code in front of the web cam …

then the gift for them will pop up in this hand !

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