air nav v1.0


After months of development, air nav v1.0 is proudly launched !
It is a navigation system allowing users to navigate through an album
with their own hands without any devices – in the AIR !



in version 1.0, users can operate by …

  • single hand + regular move = PAN and drag the image around
  • single hand + fast move = SWIPE to show the previous or next image
  • two hands + move together = PAN and drag the image around
  • two hands + move differently = PINCH to zoom in/out for details/ full view


air nav v1.0 is an image browsing system, so it can basically apply to any scenerio you can think of, for example…

  • wedding banquet in restaurant
  • photo exhibition in art gallery
  • info display in train station
  • since users need no devices in hand, thus it would be idea to display info in hospital too !

and it would be nice to have a demo video in conclude, please ENJOY the video :)


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