dear good boy snaps

dear good boy snap job was done back in April 2011
our mission is to take daily life alike snap for the main and side cast – in sort of moody cinematic way
with OM’s AD thomas / lesley¬† planning / styling, we’ve visited 5 sites in a day’s time !
2 manual film cameras were used: the legendary Nikon FM2 and Seagull TLR
to fit in client’s uses, different films was chosen for the shot including:
- konica minolta centuria
- DNP centuria
- agfa vista
- fuji xtra
- ilford HP5
for more images please visit kit da snap facebook page

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  1. creativeunderground says:


    Thanks for providing all the cool picks on the Dear Good Boy App.
    We did all the programing for the app.
    Have a good day.