nature.reform {tree}

As most of my friends know, I was from BioTechnology… was trained to be a BioEngineer back in my university life. All days dealing with how life is formed, how to manipulate DNA, how to get more productivity from some life form etc… I was amazed by how life is formed


After turning my life into a digital designer, I still feel like generating life in this new media. And I always wonder how strong NATURE is, as if it is a HUGE computing device to generate all life forms under different habitats. And this engine started to update since the earth is composed – and even with me amazing how strong the NATURE is …


too much craps… and here’s our latest topic on kit da studio code lab… the Nature Reformation, it will be an ongoing project using script-generated graphics to mimic some sort of life forms. And the first life form is tree…


a regular tree

burning forest

unrealistic form of tree

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