25shots.com v2

25shots.com is an experimental website to let the audiences to express themselves in a given time interval.
It is pretty tricky to get a good 25shots, cause once you started the camera, it fires at the time interval you preset; and you have to get your pose ready before each capture.
This is version 2 or 25shots, new fun elements were added.

In v2, u can…
– pick a backlight color,
– select one of the six layouts,
- swap the shot positions,
- pick a time interval between each shot,
- control the color effects


some sample 25shots from our great users

the best 25shot !

it made some noises around though…
little bookmark issue on milk magazine

it is reported on TU magazine before
a youth magazine far far away in South America …


one Magazine reported it once

It appeared on PC Market 2 times too


and before that, 25shots version 1 got an max Award from MAX

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