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It is a camera for you to record the impression, capture the mood and compose Art. Features: manual focus control manual exposure control produce out-of-focus moody bokeh photo single photo mode, video mode, and double snap mode square and rect … Continue reading

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How I met your mother

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.03.29 PM

  This is a 7 minutes long wedding movie for Christine and Mike. In the story, it is 2030, they are forcing bringing their kids to travel back into their memory, visiting different stages of their lives and by passing … Continue reading

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air nav v1.0


  After months of development, air nav v1.0 is proudly launched ! It is a navigation system allowing users to navigate through an album with their own hands without any devices – in the AIR !     in version … Continue reading

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dear good boy snaps


  dear good boy snap job was done back in April 2011 our mission is to take daily life alike snap for the main and side cast – in sort of moody cinematic way with OM’s AD thomas / lesley¬† … Continue reading

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FOTOMETER PRO is a light meter for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad 2. It is one of the best companions for your Hasselblad, Rolleiflex TLR, Nikon/ Canon SLR… or any old film cameras, Lomo toy cameras and … Continue reading

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KDS version of Gakken TLR


since few years ago, i was interested in film photography, DIY lo-fi photography stuff previously I’ve made my own camera out of acrylic boards (with holga shutter and wai wai’s lens) due to some reasons i have a few days … Continue reading

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mini cooper interactive photo booth


We are proud to work on a project with Mini Cooper (with PR agency: Rootz communications) at its new car launch party in 2010 summer. Visitors can take picture with their beloved Mini Cooper at or photo booth, They’ll have … Continue reading

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rubberband shooting


that was 2 years ago when i did this photo shoot with rubberband. It was an amazing shooting day, everyone of us had great fun. It is also amazing to review this job now, they become famous, kenji and WDSG … Continue reading

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25shots sample is an experimental website to let the audiences to express themselves in a given time interval. It is pretty tricky to get a good 25shots, cause once you started the camera, it fires at the time interval you preset; … Continue reading

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KDS-POTO2 is a camera designed and produced by myself – with lens from waiwai / shutter plate from Holga. The overall production time (with drafting and designing) took around 2 months. Here’s how it looks like. and here’s its features … Continue reading

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