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The magical animation lens

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 12.06.26 am

More information to be provided on later on

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PIXELLER Installation


Back in 2013, Kit da studio had a crossover project with teeLocker. Pixeller is a Pixel artwork drawing tool available on iOS platform, it got a series of useful tools to help pixel artists creating pixel artwork, it is a … Continue reading

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反枱機械人 { table-flipping robot }


A robot done for HEBOCON HK my concept is to make a robot that can flip over other robot so as to terminate others’ mobility to win the match here’s the resulting robot I work on this robot from concept … Continue reading

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Pixeller v1.1

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KDS version of Gakken TLR


since few years ago, i was interested in film photography, DIY lo-fi photography stuff previously I’ve made my own camera out of acrylic boards (with holga shutter and wai wai’s lens) due to some reasons i have a few days … Continue reading

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openKinect at kit da studio

Screen shot 2010-12-05 at 2.52.23 AM

we’ve joint the openKinect project initialized by theo, memo (openframeworks forum) at 2010 nov. this device (xBox kinect sensor) is superb, it got an IR beam generator enabling the depth-camera to read the IR reflection (so it works perfectly indoor … Continue reading

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Chilly Rody Asia Tour


we are happy to be invited to join the Rody Asia Show <Enjoy the Rody> 2010. we decided to create a Rody which lives in a Chilling country, but our poor Chilly Rody can never adapt to the super low … Continue reading

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hand-roll animation

Screen shot 2010-12-01 at 3.36.26 AM

hand-roll animation [手攪動畫] it is a virtual animation box when you roll the handle, the virtual film reel rolls you have to roll it at certain speed to get the frames thread-up there’s a button for users to swap animation … Continue reading

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KDS-POTO2 is a camera designed and produced by myself – with lens from waiwai / shutter plate from Holga. The overall production time (with drafting and designing) took around 2 months. Here’s how it looks like. and here’s its features … Continue reading

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